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    Unhappy Affiliate Page Ranking
    Hi all

    I am new to this ABestWeb, the reason I joined this forum is to get help from people in affiliate industry. I have a publisher's account with CJ. For a good number of months I had placed ad tags on my pages for the advertisers that accepted my site for inclusion. I never seemed to make any money on these affiliate ads.

    Then I got accepted for a Book publisher's affiliate program at CJ. The publisher provides a data feed. With over 13000 titles, I put up a Books Catalog on my site for this publisher. It had a main page where one can search the books with Title, ISBN, and Author. The search result list provides links to book detail page. This detail page is a dynamic page. For a given ISBN it picks the book's details from database and displays it with image and a hyperlink to publisher's site. This amounts to 13000+ dynamic pages which contain meta tags for each specific book.

    I submitted the sitemap to Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google started indexing these pages within 15 days. Initially 3000 out of 13000 pages got indexed and ranked very high on Google. Some of the book pages were even above the publisher's listing on Google. This was Jan 15,2009 and as this is peak season for Books Sales in US. I made around $30. But then all of a sudden indexed count dropped to 1200 and kept going down. Not sure about the nature of the problem, I posted on Google Web Master forum, someone there had a look at my pages and commented that this counts as a THIN AFFILIATE and is regarded as WEB SPAM. So I removed my books catalog from causing my site to lose all its page ranking. Now over a month, my affiliate commission is stuck at around $30 and the regular affiliate ads on my pages don't earn me a cent.

    I really would like to get my book pages back on track.

    Can someone here suggest a solution as to how I can avoid being thought of as a THIN AFFILIATE and have my pages ranked on Google. I really don't get much traffic from Yahoo and Live so I keep myself contained to Google

    Many Thanks In Advance


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    Hi Asad and welcome to ABW.

    You got your answer when you were told you were a "Thin Affiliate". - Seems Google went on a Thin Affiliate Killing Spree here the last 60 days or so -

    Only way to recover is to keep adding / changing relevant and unique content to your site. As Matt Cutts stated roughly (not an exact quote) "Why should a site with duplicate content and no unique content show up in the SERPs - I don't feel sorry for them"
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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