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    On one of my forums, the search engine traffic comes in and bounces back out immediately.

    On my other forum, the search engine traffic goes to multiple pages and clicks on ads.

    I figured this was a design issue. I changed the design multiple times and even copied the exact design from the forum that performs well. No matter what I do, the traffic continues to bounce immediately.

    Now I am thinking it is a topic/niche problem.

    The forum that does well is in the travel sector and the forum that bounces right away is in the investment sector. Maybe the searchers want an authority site/page for investment related questions instead of reading through a forum thread? The forum topics are related to what the people searched for.

    Have you found that some niches simply don't perform well with search engine traffic?

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    Or perhaps it's a loading issue. If someone comes to your forum and it takes too long to load, or worse still they are faced with the badware google page, which tends to pop up in the strangest of places, then they are going to leave

    I suggest trying to visit your forum from a friends browser and see what happens
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