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    How can I get the list of all categories for CJ and Linkshare ?

    I am building a site for a publisher where I have to post coupons from different affiliate networks (at least four CJ, Linkshare, Affiliate Window, Amazon, Google Affilate etc. )

    Now the question is:

    1- How can I get a list of all categories of the products (category means subcategory-- which is unique for a product, I suppose, i.e. one product is linked with one category only)

    I want to store them in a list or table. (How many categories exist, any idea ?)

    2- I want to get list of all merchants with CJ, Linkshare etc. individually.
    Is there a way out ?

    3- Next I am designing a database to store the Products.
    I want to enable query the products by merchant, by category and by keywords.

    4- How are the terms 'category' and 'keyword' related ? What would be a good way to search by keyword ?
    Should I use the API for search of CJ, Linkshare etc. individually and combine all the results or use their feed to populate my database and then do a query on my database ?

    Is there any suggestion ?
    I really appreciate your inputs for any of the questions.

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    CJ offers developers a way to get categories via one of their apis-- use this link to see the cj categories [output from a sample php api file]-- viewing the source will make it easier to see.

    with linkshare if you logon you can see the categories under the Programs sub tab.

    For answsers to some of your other questions I would search cj's developers' forum.


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    Hey guyz, please tell me how to do this ?

    First question is how to get feed from linkshare and insert into the database
    I want all my feeds to one database

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    Is it possible to pull-up a list of merchants using API in CJ or Linkshare etc.
    Is it possible to pull-up a list of all merchants using API in CJ or Linkshare etc.
    I would like a list of all merchants in CJ.

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    Hi sat_moonstruck,

    If you have a LinkShare account it is possible to get an XML list of all the merchants you have access to via the following URL call:

    Now if only I could find a similar link to get a list of categories for each of my merchants programatically...

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    jacked by sylon
    This thread is 4 years old. You will not get an answer from sat_moonstruck

    Start a new thread with your question in the Linkshare forum.

    I'm closing this old thread.

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