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    Does Anyone Know the Answer to My Question? Dave are you still here?
    I posted a question on February 8th but have received no response regarding the All Posters script (APWS). My navigation bar under "Specialty Products" indicates 2008 Calendars. How can I update that to 2009? If you click on that link now it takes you to a list of items and if you click on some of these links they take you to the main page of the AllPosters store.

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    1,369 is currently not selling calendars.

    So delete category "2008 Calendars" by defining the following line in apws-ini.txt configuration file:

    catdel.96269 yes

    You could also rename the category to just "Calendars" by defining the following line in apws-ini:

    catname.96269 "Calendars"

    You may also want to promote calendars from They are at and also at Then either add a link in the template or use mod_rewrite .htaccess to redirect the Calendars category thru CJ/Performics (the "NewURL"); such as:

    RewriteRule /cat-96269/ NewURL [L,R]

    (where NewURL is the CJ or Performics URL for

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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