I would like to send our SAS affiliates weekly promo emails that they can then send to their mailing lists.

example: http://www.friendlyplanet.com/emails/india_3-03-09.html

I have the SAS help solution below, but when I go to "Add Dynamic/HTML Creative" section it has only a "banner" ,"text" and "form" upload area. Which,if any, do I use? What do I upload? The html code of the page?

Sorry for such a stupid question, but any help is appreciated.


SAS help solution:

How do I add a HTML email creative?

SolutionYou can add HTML email creatives using the "Dynamic/Special Link (FORM)" creative type. You will need to replace all link URLs with the following code:

So, for example, if your original link was:

ShareASale.comYour link code in our system should be:
ShareASale.comAny images in the creative will need to by hosted on your server, and you will need to reference them with fully qualified paths.
We highly recommend having us check your HTML email creatives once you are have added them to the system to verify that they will work correctly.