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    newbie is confused on tracking
    I'm a newbie and don't even know if this post is in the correct forum, but here goes anyway. I am wondering how to track the visits to my site. I get customers from my ads, etc and want to know if they click through to the publisher page, or hit the back arrow after viewing my landing page? This information is critical in determining whether or not my landing page is effective or not. Please help

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    You are going to need some sort of software to track what your visitors are doing. For starters you can check with your hosting company. They may provide stats for you using something like Webalizer or awstats. With those you should be able to see specific page loads stats.

    If you are looking for more in depth stats (like tracking what path a visitor uses to go through your website, page-by-page), there are more elaborate stat packages out there. You may want to check out - They have a desktop application that will let you monitor your sites. I'm sure there are others on ABW who could suggest some other stat packages.

    Best of luck, hope that helps.

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    You can use Google Analysis. It's Free.

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    Thanks guys,
    Will google tell me where the visitors went from my site, i.e., publisher page, back on the browser, adsense ad, etc?

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    Google Analysis will work if you put the tracking code in your website. It is quite detailed. Currently, i am using to track my website. And i am still learning how to use the other features found in it.

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    If you don't want to share your data with Google, try Piwik (, open source analytics app. It doesn't provide as much info as GA, but IMO, is quite comprehensive, certainly enough data for an analytics newbie to digest.
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