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    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that the big companies are beginning to muscle in and make it more difficult for affiliates to get business??


    Email today from CJ about eBay's policy prohibiting all eBay affiliates from purchasing search engine keywords that use eBay's trademark "eBay" and certain variations thereof. Check google to see how many are in breach of this.

    Google adwords.
    Email today - campaign suspended. Issue identify affiliate status. All clicks go direct to my site and not the merchant, nonetheless I have to put Aff in the box.

    Disapproved keywords. Reason Links. Silly me I use a generic phrase and then provide the links on my site. Trouble is the links are so specialist that users search on the generic first. So instead of widget store, overture want me to have direct links to output like green shiny widgets, red dull widgets.

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    Not really, all those issues you posted are nothing new.

    Most merchants don't want you to bid on their TM in PPC.

    Google Adwords has been sending those notices for some time. Just got to add Aff and your ad will show. Most times they don't even notice .

    Never have used Overture but have heard similar complaints of them for some time.

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    Heh, only the third post in a thread, and already drifting off topic, but,

    google shows pages for these phrases:

    widgets 926,000
    green shiny widgets 839
    red dull widgets 941

    You probably already do this, but make up pages with each phrase in the url, the more specific you are, the less competition there is, the higher you rank for each niche.

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    What Trust said about the first two.

    As for Overture, don't get me started!

    They won't have to worry about what my links go to because I won't submit 'em there in the first place! A lot of times they just make up a reason to reject listings!

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