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    Goldencan search results
    Would the Golden can search results come up quicker if I set the number of items to 8 instead of 16? Also the size of the products images can be set from 60 to 200. Does it matter what size the products images are? Does any of this change the speed of the webpage?

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    Dookie, did you see the photo I "shrunk" for you on your other thread?
    (See post #6)

    If you use that it may help speed things up a little.
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    I'm sure the photo slows down the home page, but that is not where the problem is.
    Go to my site and click on Apparel link or any of the other catagories, That is where the problem is. The photo is not on any other page.

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    You might want to try GC's new keyword or keyword category stores (where you can input up to 15 categories and combine merchants). This way you'll avoid the whole search problem entirely. Just make sure that you test each category first to make sure there are enough items in that category.
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