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    That's the problem when we as a nation make everything disposable ... now cities and the livelyhoods of the citizens are disposed of as frivolously as paper plates. Detroit used to be a symbol of America and it's strength (auto industry) now GM is teetering on bankruptcy as is Chrysler, and Ford. There is seriously something wrong when 800 out of every 1000 people in America have cars, yet our "car capital" is mostly a virtual ghost town. The disengage for America and Americans is nothing but hearbreaking.

    *Not a political post.
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    Definitely sad looking at those photos. I grew up and lived in a suburb of Detroit for 15 years. What's even more funny is that growing up as a child, I now realize I rarely saw a foreign made car, everything was domestic from the Big 3. Obviously, it's not that way anymore.

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    sad pictures indeed

    the grand piano that gave up and keeled over in the Lee Plaza says it all

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    Build your entire economy on the back of one industry and this will happen eventually... always
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    The pictures are completely unrelated to the decline of the auto industry. As a resident of suburban Detroit, I can tell you that these same pictures could very well have been taken during any one of the boom years since 1980 or so. The problem isn't the state of the auto industry or a decline in economy there. The problem is that the city of Detroit has had it's head up its behind since Coleman Young days. The city government is the most corrupt and non-caring in the country. While Mike Ilitch, Dave Bing, and a host of other great businessmen have made valiant attempts at reconstructing the downtown area, the basic problem still exists. Wealthy suburbanites come to the downtown area for a show, to see a game, or an event then get the heck out of town before they get mugged....

    ...sorry. Not meant to be a political rant, but things like this just simply irritate me. Detroit could look to other cities that had their same problems and learn from it (i.e. Chicago, New York) but instead only care about lining the pockets of their relatives...

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