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    Is Iphone necassary to be an internet marketer?
    Do you think it is necessary or a good idea to have an iphone if you own a website or want to get in affiliate marketing? I want to know if the extra money for the phone and plan are worth it?

    Is an I phone generally better than a blackberry or anything else?

    Thanks for your help.

    Dan C

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    It is good to have a general idea of where the mobile market is going, but this doesn't mean you need to have a specific type of phone.

    It also depends on what market you are in. Are you building an affiliate marketing strategy that will be trying to reach mobile users?
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    I don't and won't purchase a iPhone, but I do mobile marketing so in my opinion no you don't need to own a iPhone if you are a affiliate marketer. What do you think affiliates were doing prior to the iPhone????

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    iPhone Claims Nearly Two-Thirds Of Mobile Browser Share

    Who cares what they were using, there is one thing they are using now. The iphone is The First Web Phone in the USA. Nothing else came close to their numbers. If you don't own one, at least understand one.

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    I don't even own a cell phone - too intrusive - next they'll implant communicators and gps' when we are born - beam me up Scotty , it's 1984

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