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    January 17th, 2005
    i tried ebay and sent close to 500 really targetted visitors with no conversions at all.

    I have a couple banner links to jcwhitney and that doesnt do much at all either...i cant afford the products feed script or i would incorporate it into my site and probally close some sales a bit easier...

    my ctr is good im sending traffic just not sure what programs i want to take advantage of..

    im getting a conversion rate of 1 outta 20 on one of my other sites but my car site is having a hard time due to the fact i havent found a good car affiliate program that converts...and would offer me targetted ads....

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    Coming from the belief that banners are of limited effectiveness ...

    Have you tried creating some JCW pages using Product Showcase Creator? Same with Eastwood, which is a great car-related merchant, which also has the Product Showcase Creator. These would allow you to target your pages with a nice variety of products.

    Anyway, there's a nickel's worth of free advice!

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    i run a few car sites. pm me with the type of site (directory, membership, information, etc), and I'll try to provide some thoughts for you to consider.

    hard to determine what might work without knowing what type of car site you have.

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    Have you taken a look at Andy's program,

    HUGE datafeed, and you don't have to pay for it either

    {END PLUG}

    pssst... Andy, you can pay me back by slipping something nice into my next check


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