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    We can no longer use's newsletter ad network. Our account has been disabled. Why? CAN SPAM. Read on...

    We were told that while we did not break any rules, did not get spam complaints, did not modify creatives, etc, our account was turned off because we are outside of the US. (We're based in Ottawa, Canada).

    Basically with the new legislation in place they no longer allow any publishers that do not have their companies based in the US to run their ads. The basic reasoning behind this is so that they are not held liable for any violations that a foreign publisher may cause when sending out an ad. They are simply trying to protect themselves from lawsuits.

    So we do nothing wrong, have been partners with them for years (going to back to Teknosurf days) and this is what we were dealt.

    Note that we are CanSpam compliant, and we were not "dumped", meaning we'll of course get paid for the leads we previously generated, this was not an action of punishment against us, only a means to protect themselves.

    Nonetheless can't help feeling a little burnt.

    Our only crime is being Canadian!

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    Jagged Mind Media Inc.
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    I'm not a big fan of coreg leads either but that's a bit aggresive there mr and mrs whatever your name is.

    Are you a newbie or an existing member under a new username?
    <font size="1">The price of Open Source is your sanity</font>


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    Gotta agree with mr and mrs. Buying opt-out coregs? That is just buying random email addresses.


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    Downright stupid response. Who was that masked person?

    I earned something? Who screwed up?

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    Worthless thread.

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    >Our only crime is being Canadian!


    Jimmy James Inc. fan club membership # 3312

    "But Jimmy had fancy plans, and pants to match"

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