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    What to look for when accepting publishers
    Hey guys,

    I am a complete nooob, but had a simple question. What would you look for if you were to accept a publisher? What steps and things would I look for? It is better to have fewer quality publishers than lots of ones bringin in crapy leads.


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    If you deal with "leads", make sure the affiliate is who they say they are.
    1) Check the IP address.
    Folks from some Asian nations will try to spoof you.

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    Start small so you can guage what the problems might be - and make your changes - with a small pool of publishers instead of a large one.

    Make sure to have a solid terms and conditions statement so you have good backing to kick the parasites and scammers out of your program if/when they get in.
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    Along the lines of what Merchant Consultant Team said, works well to check Whois information and see if the details there match the details of the application.

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    I always check for the following:

    - relevancy to our products (this is huge, the more relevant, the higher chances of me accepting the publisher, even if their website looks pretty depressing)
    - on that note, a site should look professional and well-laid out. if the site looks like it could damage our image, then they're a no-go
    - SEO: how is their ability to get visitors and drive traffic? can users find them easily on search engines? what is their online visibility and reputation like?
    - assuming their relevant enough and their site is decent looking, where and how on their site can they potentially advertise our links. if i feel there are prime placements on their sites for our links then they should be ok.
    - who else are the advertising. if they advertise only shady merchants and (hate to say it, if they are not advertising our competitors), then something is up and best to stay away.

    I'm sure there are a couple of subtle things i look for in an applicant, but these are definietely the highlights. hopefully you can take a similar approach and get some top publishers for your program.

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