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    Best Shopping cart
    We are looking for a good shopping cart that comes with a payment gateway accepting most cards. Will also need to be able to insert an image tag on the confirmation page for whatever system we use so we can have an affiliate program

    Any feedback welcomed as to good companies to use.

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    Interspire Shopping Cart
    You should at least take a look at

    They just hired me to rebuild their affiliate program, (which, by the way, I announced in the ABestWeb new programs area today) so I may not exactly be an objective third-party.

    However, it does get some great reviews.
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    Thnx jack will check it out...

    Any more suggestions most welcomed..kindly keep them coming...

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    any suggestions about using oscommerce and zencart as they are open source and free...

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    nexternal - tons of features, automatic feeds & such, hosted on their redundant servers.. very robust: but very expensive $250 a month (you have to be very large company for it to make sense)

    viart: free trial, lots of features but poor documentation, has about 40 payment gateways built in. Supported out of the UK with free support and various levels of paid support, they also will upgrade the cart too latest versions (not for free but custom work for that is really not expensive). Even though their rackspace hosted plan is not expensive: I would not recommend it,, response time and uptime are not good (rackspace in the US said the server they are using in the UK had all sorts of problems). The cart supports downloaded product types and multi language sites

    goecart: sloppy support, moving changes into production without testing. Hosted, lots of features, expensive / LaGarde : avoid at all costs, the salesman promised needed features that were not available, this was identified during the 1st hour of the implementation planning meeting & while the sales dept acknowledged that they screwed up & promised a refund the company never issued one. The salesman was fired & the company kept the money.

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    There are a lot of threads about merchants using both osCommerce and ZenCart. You will probably have to pay for some modifications to customize them to work exactly how you want them to, but some very successful sites are using either or. I prefer ZenCart.
    Deborah Carney

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