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    Any views on Storestacker v BANS
    Hi all

    I am about to venture into affiliate marketing and am currently comparing the benefits of the two programs above.
    Are there any current users of either Storestacker or BANS who can give me a comparison of the two.
    Perhaps you favour one over the other, if so for what reason.
    Are both programs easy to set up and use for a "novice", are there any drawbacks to either, do either require any special hosting requirements.

    I currently have linux based hosting with MySql etc, and find these pretty easy to work with.

    My personal thoughts were that Storestacker seems to give more options than simply Ebay as revenue stream "out of the box". You may guess that I am presently leaning toward Storestacker but I need to make sure before investing any money into them.

    Thanks for your help (hoping there is some forthcoming)


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    Sorry. Never heard of Storestacker.

    I have more than a dozen eBay EPN affiliate sites that are doing steady business. But not BANS. I use the phpBay Pro plugin for WordPress. It's outstanding. (Happy to send you an affiliate link to phpBay Pro if you're interested.)

    YIKES!! I just Googled Storestacker and took a quick look at their prices. I'd learn and use a lot of HTML and PHP, before I'd pay that much money for ANY store builder. (Or simply set up EPN with WordPress and phpBay Pro. Or, set up an affiliate marketing site with WordPress and include the merchants I wish to market.)
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    Thanks Gary

    I have just taken a peek at some of your websites / blogs and I must say you do write a good article.

    I will take a look at Wordpress and PhpBay as you suggest.

    Anyone else have an opinion?

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    Seems like more people would be talking about these 2 CMS is they really promised to do all that they say that they do. I might try them both as an experiment to see how they stack up to my own (free) system.....will let you know if I ever get around to it.

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    I went with Gary's suggestion of Wordpress but added PHPbay lite to keep the costs down initially. Glad I did this as I am currently struggling to get traffic to the site.

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