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    Aggregated Affiliate reports

    you all probably registered to a few affiliate programs / networks
    well...i am registered to many also , in some cases i market through affiliate networks such as but in some cases i work directly with a certain operator or property , the thing that always bothered me and i think is a really big time spender is of course trying to log in to all of my accounts one by one to check stats and of course watching my monthly payments reports.

    this is a hassle and i was trying to find a tool that will allow me to aggregate all of my logins and stats in one place , one tool that i have found is although those guys have a nice system it doesn't solve my problem 100% , and i was wondering if anyone knows a different software / tool that will allow me to do that...I'll give you a small example so you'd understand what my request is all about ,here it is... i am also doing gaming traffic and i am working with a few operators such as , williamhill and many other gaming operators, i need this tool to allow me to watch all my stats from all those operators.

    i would appreciate it if some one knows a tool such as the one i have described.


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    One thread is enough, combined your posts into just one.
    Deborah Carney

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