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    I know with the economy being like it is a lot of people have turned to the Internet to make a living. I was wondering what everyone's past life was like before becoming an affiliate? How did you get into it? How long have you been doing this? How much do you make, if you want to share.

    In case you want to know, here is my past in a nut shell… I use to be a computer instructor. I worked for corporations and had a nice salary with great benefits. After the 9//11 crash IT took a dive and I found myself out of work. I started my website the month before my unemployment benefits were to end. Now its 6 months later and I am making $4,500 a month, which is almost what I made pre-9-11.

    So what about you guys? I showed you mine, now show me yours! LOL! Spill the beans!



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    A year before college I knew I had to get something going if I wanted to avoid burger flipping like most of my friends to pay the 433euros/month (about $520 more or less with the current exchange rate) )it was gonna cost

    So I went to google and typed "make money online" or something similar, I tried CJ at first but soon gave up after seeing something more lucrative... "Make $5000 in 1 week" MLM ads can be very attractive to someone that didn't even know what an MLM was.

    After some time I was making close to 4 figures from 3 diffrent MLM companies, but I realised (with the help of one of my marketing teachers) that MLM was not the way to go.

    Then I stumbled on an eBook by ABW member AllPiercings that talked about making money with PPCs and Affiliate Marketing. I was already pretty good with PPCs from my MLM past, so I started off immedietly.

    Then after finding ABW.. well.. my life changed.. I don't even know if I'll need a job when I graduate

    <font size="1">The price of Open Source is your sanity</font>

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Javi:
    Then I stumbled on an eBook by ABW member AllPiercings that talked about making money with PPCs and Affiliate Marketing<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Javi, can you tell me where i can find or buy that ebook you're talking about??

    I'll need help, that's why i'm here

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    7 months and already making $4,500.. very nice.. TELL ME!!

    going on my 4th month and making peanuts still..

    as for me.. (cut out pathetic life story) I come from literally no where and I got here by chance. I let all the doors of opportunity in my life close before my eyes and can't see very far into the future.

    I will make this work or rather have to make it work.

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    Santa Cruz, CA
    I'v been doing in this business for about 7-8 years before amazon opened there affiliate program when was popular and freebies were the hot catagory. Also before cj started there discussion boards. High school forced me to stop doing this biz (jr year) to much stress and homework. before I graduated from high school, got a job at a amusement park, they were paying only $6 an hour. My favorite supervisor left because of unfairness and about half of the department decided to quit with him. After that I applied to Safeway (shameway) the greedy corp! I started as a bagger(courtesy clerk, I actually enjoyed working there then, management wasn't so bad, and employees were treated good, the manager got promoted to a bigger store so a new manager came in, manager stunk, always putting people down. While right before the nice manager got premoted I took the checking test( and past with flying colors) and become a checker,while after that happened the bad times started rolling. I was forced on grave yard, slept 16 hours a day, no life, $3000+ in medical expenses, and all I can say is after going though hard times, and ended up in the hospital I decided it was time to go back to affiliate marketing, and try a new approach. While right before I quit I was already a glued member to abw, I got some phone sessions with Andy Rodriquez after I was making a measly $30 a month,While after these phone sessions and online sessions,and conversations with several merchants here and feedback from abw. I decided it was time to move to a in-expensive place, so I quit Safeway on October 13th and picked up all my belongings and moved to a place where rent is only $225 a month! so I moved and set up at a relatives house and spent a solid 3 months until now working really hard on my business. while in that three months I passed my $30 a month to over $400-$600, while 2 of the reliable companies is paying my rent, and those indys are paying my PG&E bill and Linkshare is paying for my food, I'm quite happy now. This business is not a easy business, it takes a lot of patience, long hours and thinking out of the box! but now I managed to cut my hours to only 24 hours a week and still paying the rent,bills and helping others get going on this biz. Even though I managed to get this far, I'm still working hard because I want more $ and help others. This is a business, treat it as such and you will see results!

    <a href=""target="_blank">Affiliate goals<a>

    Together as a team we can make a difference!
    Spend your life lifting people up, not putting people down. --Unknown

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    Trial and error. Lots of trials and errors. I cant tell you what will work for you but if you put in 40-60 hours a week and you do what no one else is doing... you will build your biz. I never imagined I would be where I am right now.

    I went back and ran some reports. Actually it has been 7 months. Here is how it went...
    June= $301
    July= $1528
    August= $1819
    September= $1955
    October= $1614
    November= $3978
    December= $4483

    My profit is directly related to how much I spend on advertising. The reason for the growth is I have been slowly investing more and more into advertising to get people to my site.

    You will get there!


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    Sounds like a fun topic...

    Here is "mine" ...

    I have always been intrested in working for myself and have always said I have an "entrepreneurial spirit". I have tried mlm, as others have posted but did not like the fact that my success was dependant on others.

    About the time I was getting started with mlm I started playing online and searching for "making money online" and then began learning about affiliate marketing.

    My first couple of sites were about affiliate marketing ... big big mistake. How could I write about something I was just starting to learn about? Not only that ... trying to rank well for "affiliate" or "make money" is very tough.

    After about 6 months of not getting to far I put my "affiliate idea" to sleep for about a year. Then in 2001 I decided to take the long road. I started with a website about recipes, cooking and food. Being a professional chef it was the right topic for me, I had tons of good unique content to share with others. I focused all my goals on driving more visitors. About 9 months into my culinary site it was then time to focus on making money. My visitor counts were going through the rough ;-)

    I then began to create "commerical type a sites" and about 6 months later had quite my day job.

    Last year I made over 210 k in commissions with my expenses being less than 31 k ;-)

    This year I am focusing on working with my affiliates and managing programs while maintaining the personal sales volume my current sites drive.

    Good luck, work hard and you will succeed!


    Brian Johnson (Chef Brian)
    Seek and you shall find | My Affiliate Programs

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    Just curious on how you get discount RX in the US? I thought the best deals came from Mexico.

    "Merchant with no cookie get no clicky"

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    Damn Brian, a few more years with those numbers and you can retire early.

    I started a small little site, 5 or 6 years, selling just hockey gear for a local league I was down south in Hotlanta. We could not find any gear locally and I started sending people to fogdog. I think I made $30 that year. I had a full time job though. Then 4 years ago I quit my job to take care of my son (I am a stay at home dad)

    I relocated back up north and worked part time a year and did some contract web design work. Last year I started taking this biz serious and now my numbers are similar to valenkims. But I have expanded my market to more than sporting goods and 2004 looks promising. (December checks coming this month will be about 1/2 of what I made in 2003 so I am already 1/2 way to equaling last years totals)

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    Fellow ABWers -

    Well, to any that wish to listen - here is my story, this is how I got here...

    I've been an IT professional for the last 6 years - since graduating college with an MIS degree. I specialize on the e-commerce side of large ERP packages (specifically SAP - but this genre also includes PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc...). I have to admit I was very skeptical of the corporate culture when I first started my professional life, as the entreprenurial spirit has been high since my youth - as witnessed by the carnage of my failed shot at starting a online grocery shopping portal.

    Anyway, it was soon that I realized how I was coming to despise the structure and red tape that comes with working in a large corporation. Realizing that you are just another body in the quest to impress the Street with earnings numbers - dealing with high pressure situations because someone else says that you have to. Begging for vacation time sometimes, but mostly realizing that it would be ridiculous to even ask, as "things are so busy right now".

    Screw it. About a year ago I became desperate to start building something on the side, realizing that my growing unhappiness would ultimatly start affecting other areas of my life. Desperation can do odd things - even to those that should know better - I bought into an online scam to the liking of, "You pay us $1200, we'll provide you an online shopping mall, give you some tools to market it, and you get a percentage of the sales". Well of course the mall looked like all of the 3000 other suckers malls - and the tools they give you to "submit to 3000 search engines" bring in nary a visitor every 3 months. Needless to say this "venture" if you could call it that ended quickly after it started. Once I was of sane mind again, I realized the reasons why this failed.

    Through my embarressment (I am an IT e-commerce specialist, I should know better dammit!) and disappointment, I was not too blind to see that there is a business model here that could work. I have friends that work at Commission Junction (about 10 minutes north of where I live in Santa Barbara) - a few of the very key players who helped build it - I had heard they were "middlemen for the click tracking/commissions". I went to the site, talked to a few of them, found ABW and began some serious research, after work at nights and on the weekends.

    Read and read I did, and I began to build ideas in my mind of all different kinds of opportunities. The Internet is such an unbelievably large place, and I believe there will ALWAYS be opportunity for the sole proprieter moving forward.

    I built one site, spending 2 hours at night, and a few on the weekends (carefully balancing the excitement that was building in me for this with my beautiful fiancee, buddies, and time with family) - trying to keep things in perspective. Realizing I simply didn't have as much time as I'd like with AM, I learned how to work "smartly". I finished my first site, built another, and then another. I started on my first site in February of 2003.

    I am now modestly ALMOST paying for the mortgage on a brand new house in So. Cal - just shy of $2000 in revenue/month (being conservative) - expenses. I have 2 sites waiting in the wings to be spidered, and I believe they will do better than the first two. I also have a plethora of ideas.

    So I sit here at my cubicle, knowing that I will be here for only another week - I am returning to my old (smaller) company at higher pay, and less responsiblity, and less stress. The plan is to work there for another year while continueing to build my Sole Proprietorship (AM business) and get my teaching credential. Sometime in the summer of 2005 I WILL be saying goodbye to the corporate life forever, and I will teach highschool math, work on my business, and enjoy life. I think it suits me.

    I have no visions of grandeaur, I don't plan on having AM support me, but I enjoy it, it is profitable - and a nice supplement to a teacher's measly salary. I am also planning a couple of affiliate programs for a couple of small companies - my uncle's fly fishing shop for one. So I'll probaby be borrowing some tips/best practices from a couple of the experiences Affilliate Program managers around here in the near future. Akiva?

    I know most of you far better than you know me, because I only have enough time to spend on researching ABW and building my business - occassionally I'll post, but not often enough.

    I appreciate this community, Haiko, and all of the rest of you experienced professionals. There are many ways to live ones life - and I am in the middle of the search for my way.

    I plan on becoming a more active member of ABW in the near future, but first feel I have to hit some serious sales goals moving through 2004. And do some SERIOUS parasite testing/fighting with my old workstation - it's locked, loaded, and ready to find them.

    Good luck to everyone, and a profitable, and fun, 2004.

    My best wishes,


    So many ways to make a buck, so little time...

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    ok, here's my story, a bit different to other i am sure but i got here none the less!!

    My best friend gave me her old computer about 3 years ago,, as i was a boring stay at home mum with 3 young children (carer for my youngest who was very ill at the time)

    so i started entering competitions,"I won a stephen King book!" and basically browsing around. visited ebay, bought some bagrgains, etc.

    Then i thought, it would be nice to get my own website!! so I signed up for geocities, and made a little website with their special editor, mostly those get paid email schemes (god was i dumb!!!!)lol

    i then made up a page with a few babynames, which i realised later was actually being looked at through the yahoo stats.
    So I then added more pages of babynames, and had more pages etc. lean't html etc, etc

    Then I had an email from Babiesonline, asking me if i wanted to earn some money getting signups for their site, I said ok, I can make some pocket money, lol

    I signed up to through them, and then i started to realise that i could actually make alot more money. (never ended up making much with babies online)

    So here I am, making more money than my husband, we are completely out of debt (which we got into when my son was ill) and my kids are able to join all the clubs they want, swimming, dancing, football, drama, etc etc.

    I am happy person,and its all thanks to babiesonline really for introducing me to the whole money making scheme.

    so here's to a prosperous year!!

    *** And people say I'm just a housewife!!! ha ha ***

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    Being slightly different from the others, I have actually been working with affiliate marketing for over 4 years, just did not take it a a serious source of funding until late last year.

    I started out with Amazon and later found BeFree, Commission Junction and LinkShare. I slowly built up a loyal customer base which allowed me to eventually pay for the hosting costs. In the early years, $10-$20 in commissions was a great month. It stayed that way until 2003 when I added more merchants and the revenue grew towards $50 and upwards of $100 per month.

    Still not enough to convince me that people who were making a living doing this must be gods... Then I got laid off from my job in October. I knew that I needed to find another job similar to my financial analyst job but the affiliate marketing aspects had been drawing me towards a new calling.

    I revamped the website, going from a dreadful yellow and blue amaturistic interface to a more professional looking interface. Through trial and error and some helpful hints from ABW members, I made adjustments to the marketplace to help put the sell into the marketing.

    In November 2003, I decided to start advertising via PPC. Starting out with AdWords, I quickly found myself being cut-off for poor performance from Google TWICE. Finally figuring it out and staying away from generic terms which cost a small fortune, I began to realize much better results at Google and have not had any problem meeting their ctr quota.

    In December, I expanded to the other PPC SEs and went from making $100 or so to almost $900 in commssions for December. Still not like most of you who seem to have the nack for thousands of dollars, but I am getting their.

    Unemployment runs out in a couple of months so I have to make this work or go back to the salt mines

    Onwards and upwards as they say! I am ready!

    Paul K. Gjenvick, Webmaster, Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

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    This thread starts to get exactly the inspirational goldmine that the "By golly...i think i've done it" thread is... i love reading all your stories.

    As for me, i started with amazon and cdnow in 1996, putting a couple of book and music reviews on my personal site, and linking to the products. Of course it didn't bring much, but i left the links up just for fun.

    I then started an eBay business and on that site i used amazon links and eBay links through CJ. This is how i found CJ. I am not making much from these links either, but i am slowly moving towards earning my first check from CJ! My amazon "earnings", i use them to get gift certificates.

    Up until last summer i never really realized the potential in affiliate marketing even though i was playing around with it for so many years. Then as part of my business studies i did an internship at a big online merchant and my task was to research the possibility of launching an affiliate program for them. So i researched, researched, and researched and i was enlightened about so many things, it's amazing.

    After the internship i looked more into performance-based marketing, both affiliate and search engine stuff and wrote my thesis about it in November.

    And now i am building my first real affiliate site and looking forward to trying to make more than eBay nickels from affiliate marketing.

    My goals for 2004

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