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    Been working my way thru a lot of AH HAH's over the last couple weeks. Realized that the site I've been working so hard on probably isn't the one that's going to ever do anything for me. But, I've learned a LOT about Joomla, HTML, and AM in general. I'm continuing on with the website because I want to see some things that I can and can't do with it. (I'm very much a newbie to creating things on the net). I can see another 3 AH HAH's on the horizon that will again completely change my fundamental view on where to take all this....before I make any money at all.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it. I've learned so much in the last several weeks that there is no other experience which could have taught me other than doing myself. All for the cost of a domain name and hosting for a month....

    Just my experience common? How many of these AH HAH's did it take before your first site took off?

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    The AH HAH's never stop. 10 years from now, you'll still be having them. There's nothing wrong with them. It just means you are learning and progressing. If you stop having AH HAH moments, you may need to pack up and try something different.

    The AM playing field is always changing. Figuring out what's new, what works and what doesn't isn't a one time thing. What works today likely won't work 6 months from now. You'll constantly be evolving "your game".

    Keep at it!

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    After 12+ years as a web publisher, I am still pleased on days when I move "two steps forward and one step back." There are still entire weeks where I feel as if I've made no progress (apart from learning more about "what not to do," which is not always a bad thing). (An "ah-ha" day is better than an "oh crap" or "holy s---" day.)

    In the past year it's felt like "ten steps forward, nine steps back."

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    You've got a great attitude. So many seem to want to skip the learning process and expect to start making huge dollars right off the bat.

    Don't forget to build a list of opt in subscribers and start your own newsletter.

    If you use this chance to start a list and build rapport and trust with the people on your list, that can be like money in the bank down the road!

    If you want more info on how to do this, just pm me


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