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    What to do when you need ideas?
    Hi all, i write a blog for working at home currently. I have put off another blog of mine for the time being, as i am more concentrated in my work currently. My question is what happens when the ideas run out? I have a personal blog which always has ideas for, but the working at home blog will need ideas in a week or two. I try to keep it fresh and up beat with great advice and post ever other day. Any ideas?

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    maybe you can invite guest bloggers to write on your blog...

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    it looks like you only have 1 post on your blog so far. are you really out of ideas?

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    One thing you can do to help come up with ideas is to do some research for a "top 10" post. Example:
    Top 10 ways working at home is better than not working at home.
    Top 10 ways working at home saves the environment.
    Top 10 ways... you get the idea.

    As you are doing research to fill up these top 10 ways, take a lot of notes. Out of those notes should come the inspiration for several individual posts. Each of the items on your top 10 post could probably be broken out in to a detailed post.

    And, if nothing else, Top 10 posts usually make for some nice link bait.

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    I've found a good source of ideas is to go to one of the better article directories such as, search on the topic of my blog, and look through some of the results.

    Doing that with simple searches on Google, wikipedia, etc., also may help generate ideas.

    I'm not talking about copying content, and I'm not even necessarily thinking about using any of the free articles in an article directory -- but just reading around a bit may be very helpful for sparking the creative juices. (Yuk. Nothing like early morning creative juices slopping off the keyboard onto the floor.)
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    Go back to the old brainstorming, writing whatever ideas that pop into your head and branch off of it. Maybe that will help get new ideas.
    Maybe do a series of articles: one specifically for work at home moms, one for dads, one for grandparents or older folks, and one for young adults attending college.
    Good luck!

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    Go to Google News and type your topic and look for news or interesting facts.

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    Ideas are the easy part for me. Finding the time to build a site around the idea and do it right... That's the time-consuming part.

    Any time I try to find something online (and I'm not talking about searching for a specific product), if I'm not able to find it, it's usually a great idea for a site. For instance, if I had a family of 5 and had a hard time finding hotel rooms that accommodate 5 people, that's a great idea for a site. If I'm searching for a printer that has the lowest operating cost (ink/toner can really add up), that's a great idea for a site. If I'm searching for a digital camera with specific features, that's a great idea for a site. If I'm searching for nearby weekend vacations, that's a great idea for a site. If I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to call home when traveling overseas, that's a great idea for a site.

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    I love to use stumbleupon. It always gives me a few ideas that I can work with and develop upon.

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    Top Ten lists are great because the list is a post and then each of the 10 items is also a post. If you use that idea I suggest you write all the articles first and then post them 1 or 2 a day. I've learned from experience people steal top ten list ideas.

    Also Twitter is good to see what others are talking about, forums and other blogs too.

    Start an idea list. If you have a passing thought, jot it down to use as a seed another day. Hear a good quote, jot that down.

    You can also buy a book of quotations, they can be very thought provoking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDude80
    Go back to the old brainstorming, writing whatever ideas that pop into your head and branch off of it.
    I agree. I believe that brainstorming and researching are the best options. Write every idea down good or bad. Don't judge your thoughts or ideas until the very end, you'll be surprised what you can come up with. After you go through your list research them and begin to generate your facts. Before you know it all your content is right in front of you, it just has to be put together (and not copied from another person's work, originality is the key)
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    Carry a tape recorder with you and when you think of something, record it. Ideas flow out of the mind as quickly as they enter..many times.

    Also, search for press releases on your topic and rewrite them.

    Doing a quick search on Google pulled up a ton on your topic.

    Don't combine too many ideas in one blog. Articles and blogs are two different animals - or should be IMHO.

    That's my 2cents

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    One of the problems I find is that I can often get a great many ideas one day, but in a couple of days or weeks, I'll have forgeotten them...

    Use mind maps. You can download free mind mapping applications online right now, such as "Freemind". A simple search on google will get you there. They are very simple to learn and to use. You'll be able to figure it out intuitively, and may not even need to read up! AND... you can have a mind map for each idea (e.g. EricTyler's Top 10's). The next time you get a light bulb moment - well that's a new node on your map.

    Sometimes, by just looking at the mind map pattern before you, you can visualise other ideas branching off, and then you can note these down on separate nodes, thus literally storing your thoughts without a lot of note taking.
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    I myself have tons of ideas ... but not enough time to write.

    Just make use of your daily ups and downs for example... or just look around - online and offline - what interests you?

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