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    Using PHP pages for redirect to affiliate links?
    I seen quite a lot of affiliate websites dont put a straight affiliate link on their page they link to a php page which then redirects to the merchants site

    im gathering the php page has their affiliate link in and they do this so that google doesnt treat them as a thin affiliate site

    my question is.. what would the insides of this php page look like to create this redirect correctly, also has anyone had any issues doing it this way, i.e having it not track because its not actually clicked on its done through a redirect?

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    All my aff links are in a database table with a unique key. I then have a redirect script that takes that unique key, pulls the link from the table and sends the user to that link.

    www . site .com/bounce.php?k=123456 (example link)

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    You can find information here:

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    The other nice thing about setting up a jump script like SeymourButts is talking about is you could also write in a counting feature to get an idea of how many people are clicking on your links. Yes, there are scripts out there that do this for you, of course. But who doesn't like writing their own stat engine, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurgerBoy
    You can find information here:
    That's pretty cool...I'd been taught one php file per link:

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    Even better will be if you keep all the links in a mysql table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam_park
    Even better will be if you keep all the links in a mysql table.
    ah thats for smart folks like yourself sam. I wish i knew how to do that and then create a link which showed .php

    but i think i will have to use the above redirect script option

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    it isn't difficult to set up redirects that use a mysql table. You just need to have some unique ID in your link.
    The ID is looked up in your mysql table by the redirect script to get the actual affiliate URL which you then redirect.

    pretty simple

    If you want to track your affiliate link clicks you'll have to set up redirects anyway.

    I just looked at the posted link and while I suppose using GET variables is ok for special redirects, I would NOT want to try to do that for affiliate links set up with datafeeds. It would be a big waste of time to try to set them up manually.

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    I use the lilURL php script -

    I have a public jump page that doesn't allow posting to - I've removed the forum and the new url creating script leaving just the redirect logic. Then I have a second copy of the script in a protected directory that I use to post the new urls's to and get the jump script url back. Obviously both point to the same database and table. This setup could be used for manual link building or for programmatic access using any simple http library that can access your protected directory.

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