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    I hate it when the merchant waits weeks to reverse a sale for invalid cc. No matter what it's going to be dissapointing but I'll trust a merchant that does their reversals on the same day much more than one that waits until the end of the month. I don't care what kind of hard pressed work it puts your company through it makes you look bad to me and I assume other affilaites.

    Today I had a nice 1k sale and it was reversed within a couple of hours. I was dissapointed of course but I find it much easier to believe the merchants reason "invalid credit card" just because they processed it immediately.

    Do you agree with this?

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    Totally Agree Heyder.

    Too bad for me they didn't take that card I used... Will try another tomorrow... look for a bigger sale this time

    What was your AMEX card number again?


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    I suppose it can be done that way, quick an easy.

    We work at it a bit harder, if a card comes up bad we don’t kill the order we e-mail and ask the customer for another card or when the funds may be available.
    We convert a dead sale to a completed sale but it may take a few days to a week or more.
    We will keep the order open two weeks before it is canceled, emailing several times to save an order.

    We also accept mailed in payments, which also can take several days.

    So it may be 15 days before a sale is reversed. The percentage for working at completing the order pays off for the affiliate as well as us.

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    I actually received an e mail through CJ from a merchants saying sorry we had to reverse a sale as the customer cancelled. They were actually sorry having to reverse it against me
    Wish more were like that and actually seemed to care


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    Thanks for the input Henry. This is actually something I wasn't considering when I posted. I do think you are a rare breed though lol if you are actually working to get the sale approved. Guess I don't know for sure.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a status of pending on a sale that isn't quite worked out? At least the affiliate would know something was up with that particular sale.

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    When we get a decline there's first an auto resubmit. After that it goes to a live human bean in our AR dept. to get worked. We want the @#%$ sale.
    We're able to actually recover enough of these to justify the overhead in going through all this. It can though take a bit of time.

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    I really appreciate your explaination, Pet Dealer and Rick.

    I've been in this business for about four years and you're the first ones to attempt an explaination for long delayed CC reversals.

    Many merchants just ignore the issue. Some I have confronted acknowledged they were pushing the CC button when there were other reasons they didn't want to delve into. But most just refuse to respond to inquiries about reversals.

    Likewise, the networks generally avoid complaints about unreasonable reversals. It's less effort to keep their head buried in the sand.

    I think a merchant owes an explaination to affiliates when reversals are for a substantial amount, or cumulate to a substantial amount. Since I don't normally receive any communication on these, I've flushed merchants with less-than-credible reversals from my ranks.

    All it would take to maintain trust would be a simple email explanation when reversals are outside of some reasonable limits. That's all.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>We work at it a bit harder, if a card comes up bad we don’t kill the order we e-mail and ask the customer for another card or when the funds may be available. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    That's the reason!

    I have many affiliates asking why it takes so long for some orders to show up as voided.

    Why just waste a sale if there is a chance of actually getting it through?

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    We also have a live human that follows up on credit cards.

    We also have a system that doesn't always let us know exactly why orders are not completed...they just get deleted. When we run our end-of-month comparison for CJ sales, we just see that some sales are non-existent in our system.

    We then are faced with a pulldown menu of choices that probably wouldn't fit the bill anyways. Invalid credit card is one that most affiliates can understand the best, so it might be why AMs use it more often. I tend to use it because it is the leading reason we cancel sales, and it's better that "other".

    If one of our affiliates has more than one reversal in the month, I tend to email them, too. If the affiliate trends a certain amount of reversals every month, I tend to assume he's used to seeing them, so I don't clog up their email with additional info. I also check the big sales the day after they are posted to see if they're real. If they are, I'll often email the person right then and there to say that it's going to go through.

    [edited to say - It's easy for us to email affiliates with reversals because we have so few. Last month, I reversed less than 1% of our total number of orders, and the month before that even less.]


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