Just wanted to point out a "Gotchya" for LinkShare support requests that I hit recently.

If you use the support form on the old LinkShare UI to submit a support request, it doesn't appear to be answered. Evidently support requests are "double opt-in". You have to carefully read the automated response message and do something.

I never read the fine print on the automated response e-mails. That's evidently a mistake with LinkShare. Here's what it says:

* Response* In order to expedite your LinkShare Customer Support
> request, we are including answers to commonly asked questions. Please see
> the list below for your question, and then scroll down to the appropriate
> response. If the following does not answer your question please respond to
> r2r2@support.linkshare.com with this inquiry.

Ok, lesson learned... I wonder how many others have fallen for this uhmmm, creative support process??? Why don't they just send the support request to r2r2 anyway?

LinkShare Support Manager in meeting with Dev Managers - "Our user interface and processes are working great. We've had next to no support requests".