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    January 17th, 2005
    Chef Brian,

    I looked over your website on affliate marketing. It looks interesting but I am not sure what you offer.

    So far I have concentrated on affiliate marketing with PPL promos. Last month my profit was approx. $4,600 after expenses. This month I expanded my marketing/advertising and am on track to make approx. $7,000 after expenses.

    Although things are going well, I am not content because I know I am only touching the tip of the iceburg. There are other types of marketing I havent experimented with yet because I just dont have the know-how.

    What areas to do you assist affiliates with? How do you charge for your services... hourly, percent of sales... ???

    Thanks for the info!


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    January 17th, 2005
    Hey Kimberly,

    Nice to see your message, bottom line is I really enjoy working with others. I have been in the biz for several years now and have had some success in the last two years that has enabled me to do things like travel and quite my day job ;-) not too shabby

    Right now the way I work is this, my affiliate programs offers about three programs which I consider "top programs". The site is not a directory, you will not find 1000's of program listing on that site. There are already tons of those sites on the net. Instead I simply offer programs where I work with affiliates, these programs offer a two tier stucture allowing me to earn a small percentage from my sub affiliates. Truely I do not like to call the poeple I work with sub-affiates, they are my friends ;-)

    I spend most of my time now working in Pharmacy, the money is increadible and I am stong in that field. I know tons of keywords ect ...

    I am getting ready right now to launch another program called "ink affiliate" ...

    Right now were in a pre-launch phase working out issues with the order process and also hammering out some nice template websites that I will be offering my "partners".

    Kimberly, by all means drop me an email... I think we could have some fun working together


    Brian Johnson (Chef Brian)
    Seek and you shall find | My Affiliate Programs

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