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    Question Links in 4checks admin need changing

    Its great to see 4checks has updated their website but in doing so a lot of the urls have been changed

    Now when I go to administrator area of 4checks to get my links to certain pages like " Special Offers "

    I notice they have not been updated, and so now a link like Special offers is in my admin like this

    Yet when clicked it goes directly to the homepage ( kind of defeats the point )

    when it should be going to

    I hope this is not what is causing the drop in commission, by having links on my sites which are no longer directing properly because the pages on 4checks have changed

    Please could someone update the links inside the 4checks admin asap please for all text links for categories, keywords, phrases, banners

    and then advise me if this means im going to have to update every single link on my websites, and if this would have caused a tracking issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by easylife
    Its great to see 4checks has updated their website but in doing so a lot of the urls have been changed
    With the 4checks site update none of the links have been changed or redirected, all original keywords and categories are the same. You do not need to update any of your links on your site. If you have links that are working incorrectly please let me know and I can look at your site specifically.


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