Just received from Linkshare, but note on behalf of whom:

(This email is being sent by LinkShare on behalf of the Performance Marketing Alliance)

Dear California Affiliate Marketer,

The California State Assembly is proposing a bill that will unfairly threaten performance marketers. A similar law was passed in New York last year, with devastating effect to some affiliates. We suspect over 200 merchants shut down their New York affiliate programs as a result of this law. It will have a larger impact in California, and it could spread to other states if we can't stop this bill.

A number of companies and lobbyist groups are working together to fight this bill, and they all agree - the best chance we have to beat this bill is for all the thousands of performance marketers in California to speak out against Bill 178. The Performance Marketing Alliance is sponsoring a grass-roots campaign to fight Bill 178, and there are several easy ways you can help make a big difference:

- Sign on to a group letter that will be delivered to the bill authors and committee members
- Send a letter to your own state representative - there is a sample letter you can use.
- Visit your state representative for the most impact - there is a directory of local reps, talking points and suggestions
- Join us in Sacramento on March 31st to put real people behind our effort.

Visit www dot performancemarketingalliance dot com to learn more about the devastating effects of Bill 178, and how you can help.


Performance Marketing Alliance, Inc.