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    I just received an email from with the latest items they would like to see promoted. Here is the response I wrote to them:

    I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. Last year when I saw a sale come through and only received a 2% commission because it was shipped by “Supplier” I was furious! I have a client for whom I maintain a website and shopping cart. She sells stuff that is drop shipped by the supplier. She receives an order, accepts the funds, and then generates a purchase order to the Supplier who packs and ships it to the customer. So I am amazed that pays 9% commission on items that it stocks and ships itself, but only 2% for processing a purchase order.

    Ever since that happened I have been pulling any links from site that indicates “ships from: Supplier” and replacing them with the very same products at, whether or is fulfilling the order. I figure 7.5% from Amazon is better than 2% from for promoting the very same product.

    I only clicked on the first three items in your email. When I saw that all three were Ships from Supplier, I decided not to promote the items. Let me know if you ever rethink your payment structure, and I will rethink which items from I will promote. Until then, I will only promote items that do not say “ships from: Supplier”.

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    Definitely a chick with brains.

    Good to know.

    Thanks for posting your finds.

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    The worst part of all of this is that you can add a "partner product" (full commission) today, and tomorrow it has become a "ships from supplier" product, or maybe worse, it becomes marked "Not Sold" as they have replaced it with a similar "ships from supplier" product.

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    2%... 9%... what the big difference? They don't see anything wrong with that. What is 7% among friends?

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    Don't forget the doubleclick ads you are sending your traffic to also...
    Deborah Carney

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