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    What is the best affiliate software?
    Hi everyone!
    I have an interest in setting up an affiliate program for a "catalogue" site, and was wondering what the best software for that might be. It doesn't have to be fancy, just functional :0)
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!


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    Hello, and welcome to ABestWeb.

    You would have better luck getting answers to this type of question if it were posted during the week. Unlike us lowly affiliates who work 24/7, most affiliate managers and OPMs who can answer this are out enjoying the good life on weekends. A few of them are around and may give you some input, but if not, give it a bump on Monday morning.

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    There is no "best". Probably you'd be good w/ a script that works w/ your cart.

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    Software review checklist?
    I've read through this entire section about software and have my decision down to four or five. I've sent emails out to their biz dev to contact me. Other than the Shopping Cart integration, can anyone provide a review mini-checklist?

    I found the link to the software comparison and that points out 30+. Direct Track has been ruled out due to costs. I'm down to:


    Then the least cost/out of the box versions:
    iDev Affiliate
    Affiliate Pro Script
    Affiliate Runner

    Can anyone provide any other points that I should consider?

    Our in-house management team will be managing the software, as they already manage the network campaign with CJ.



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