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    Has anyone ever heard of or had any experience with Magazine-Land ?
    I got 2 emails today to different sites of mine asking me to join up.
    Something just doesn't seem to add up or is it me?

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    Never heard of them, but I have a two word answer ... net Magazines

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    Top signs that a merchant is brand new (this is a generic list, not necessary related to this merchant):

    1) Their web site was registered within the past few months.
    2) They are running affiliate banners on their site.
    3) They have "testimonials".
    4) They have a counter on their web site and it shows that they have had a small number of page views.
    5) They only take PayPal.
    6) They have typos all over their site.
    7) They can only be contacted via email, or even worse by a yahoo or hotmail email address.

    Although you can sometimes find a good "newbie" merchant, most of them just don't get it yet. Ideally, a merchant shouldn't have any of these red flags. If they have more than a couple, run away fast.

    Michael Coley

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