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    August 12th, 2008
    Paypal only sends to confirmation page if signed in??
    I don't know why I haven't seen this before....

    Is it true that Paypal only sends customers to a post-purchase confirmation/thank you page if they are signed in as a paypal member, and not if they just pay with credit card?

    If true, is there a way around that? Seems that Paypal is totally not an option for a merchant if only paypal member customers are delivered to the thank you page with the affiliate network code.

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    I purchased an item just a few weeks ago using a credit card but through Paypal. I wasn't signed in and I got the order confirmation page saying it went through, with all the order details (product, quantity etc.).

    I haven't shopped online too much recently, but haven't noticed that. I normally print off my order confirmation pages, so I know I've been getting it.

    I hope this helps...
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    August 12th, 2008
    That does help, thanks.

    I just called paypal, turns out it was a rumor. (now I have to go find where I saw that, it was a 'credible' source.

    All purchasers are sent to the thank you redirect page.

    Damn rumors.

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    August 12th, 2008
    Now, if one is running Auto Return and something to do with the Payment Data Transfer system, only a signed in paypal member gets automatically returned to the merchant's page (I think the confirmation page), non signed in have an option to click on 'return to merchant page'.

    This is quickly becoming not an option to use with SAS.

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