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    U.S. Economy compared to 9 others

    GDP -10%
    Inflation 17.6%
    Unemployment 6.6%
    Markets -9%
    Gallon of gas $8.20
    Interest Rates 18%

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    $8.20 for a gallon of gas in Iceland
    ouch .....think at that price I'd do an awful lotta walkin. lol

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    Gas prices are Crazy
    I'm right behind you $8 WOW!!

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    No political intent here, just socio economics from other parts of the world:

    Denmark - income tax rate: Above U.S. equivalent $100,000.00 per annum = 69%

    National sale tax on all goods purchased = 25% (plus the 69% above)
    Auto purchase = 180% sales tax. Yes, this means that a $10,000 vehicle costs $18,000.00 in taxes + $10,000.00 purchase = $28,000.00. Wow, those Kias are getting costly!!!

    Healthcare system = 97% "free" (provided that you don't count income tax, national sales tax and vehicle tax as a cost.) hehe. I love "free" stuff, kinda reminds me of couponing... arrgh...
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    So China with:

    GDP 6.7%
    Inflation -1.6%
    Unemployment 9%*
    Markets 22.1%
    Gallon of gas $3.01
    Interest Rates 5.31%

    is the overall "winner" ? Growing economy without inflation. One question - I thought in a communist country everyone is employed - comrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by purplebear
    $8.20 for a gallon of gas in Iceland
    ouch .....think at that price I'd do an awful lotta walkin. lol
    The Icelandic economy has collapsed quite recently (after being one of the fastedt growing in Europe) due to an over-emphasis on the (now defunct) banking sector.

    What do the say about 'putting all your eggs in one basket'...?

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    It certainly looks like that China is winning the financial battle.

    The three most valuable banks in the world now are Chinese. Their market value now dwarfs any western competitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purplebear
    $8.20 for a gallon of gas in Iceland
    ouch .....think at that price I'd do an awful lotta walkin. lol
    Back when US gas prices were at their peak I saw a lot of cyclists on the road and the metro trains here in Los Angeles were packed.

    Now there are fewer cyclists, and lots of empty seats on the trains.

    Too bad, 'cause the trains are pretty convenient (I do a lot of design work on the train, making use of time I wouldn't have if I had to drive).
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    Pretty neat article that gives interesting at a glance info.

    Thanks for sharing,
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