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    Clickshops AKA program problem
    Any input would be great.
    Hello, brian here, abestweb forum stalker. For several months I have read endless forum threads learning about programs, networks and implementing affiliates programs from one of my website. This is a great forum and I could not have come this far with out the information I have found on ABestWeb. First time poster so please go easy on me.

    I find my self in a situation with a program run inhouse using Americommerce software. The Merchant who operates their own program is We have been sending quality traffic to their website for more then a month. Not a single conversion. Sure its possiable that no one completed a transaction however the volume has been steady consistant and of good quality. I wrote the program manager on two occassions after a two week period and asked that they review the tools involved and verify that our program was infact fully operational. No reply..... ugh

    So I wrote a third email explaining that we were going to shut down and migrate if they failed to comply.

    I received a response assuring me that everything was functional.

    Week three, no conversion and email four was sent out asking for verification of the operation. This time the manager tested and verified all our links were correct and everything was in order for tracking visitors BUT...... there is an issue with the conversion in their shopping cart and consequently we were not getting credit as an affiliate for any transactions. (ok I know some of you are saying to yourselves.... Rookie you should be working with network merchants, and yes I agree that is a great value of a network. However I went into this arrangement with this merchant thinking we would watch it closely and keep the situation under control.

    Now we are headed for week five and they have not fixed the issue with their shopping cart.

    In fairness clickshops have offered to work with us on the commision for potential sales in the "lost month". I am just concerned that they dont have the technical ability to fix such an important aspect of their affiliate program.

    If you have expereince with clickshops, Americommerce, or you have been in a similar situation as mine would you please give me some advice or direction. I want to be fair but I also dont want to be taken advantage of by a merchant.

    Brian Johnson

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    no replys :-( well I figured I would do an update for others down the line.
    It took a total of 7 weeks to fix the merchant shopping cart. but the good news is that the cart is tracking sales and we can see the transactions. I must say I have some reservations about the merchant and they technology that they are using and I will certainly seek a merchant with the same type of products thats in a reliable network. But to their credit Clickshops did fix the cart. The merchant and I agreed to a deal where they would pay us our standard advertsing rate on the site for the two months that we operated as an affiliate but received no commision because their cart was not tracking. I think thats a very fair arrangement as they received the benefits of an advertiser.

    Certainly a learning expereince. And we have no choise but to watch this merchant closely and see if they pay timely and track the sales effectively.


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    One strategy that many affiliates use, before allocating valuable resources (especially PPC dollars) is to initiate a test transaction: clear your cookies, restart your computer, click on your own affiliate link, and order something from the merchant. Then check to see if the transaction was tracked (usually instantly; with some technologies, it may only be reported a day or two later).

    There is even a section here on ABW where folks can post Test Purchase Reports, to share the information about merchants whose tracking is working or not.

    Of course, this means spending your own money (sometimes, you can cancel the order, and in theory you can usually return the merchandise for a credit back, but my usual practice is only to order items that I'm willing to accept and pay for).

    And note that some merchants do prohibit affiliates from earning commissions on their own purchases; Amazon doesn't even include these transactions in your reports.

    Finally, if you're counting on receiving your commission on your self-purchase, be aware that most merchants and networks have a "minimum payment threshhold," usually $50 to $100, and therefore if you never sell anything else for that merchant or network, then you might never receive the commission you earned. This is one reason why many affiliates prefer to work with networks that consolidate payment; initiating test transactions with "indy" (non-network) merchants can be more risky and expensive.

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