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    During a panel at last week's conference in New York, marketers discussed the need to continually educate senior executives on changes in affiliate marketing.

    "Education is important because programs are constantly changing," said David Rogers, affiliate marketing specialist for apparel cataloger/retailer Brooks Brothers.

    "Some of the things we were doing last year we are not doing now; some of the concerns we had last year, we don't have now. The key to the future is flexibility and the ability to evolve."

    One of the areas of affiliate marketing that requires an open mind is the use of the company's brand name by affiliates for the purpose of search engine optimization. On the one hand, a company wants to help the affiliate attract as many consumers as possible to its site, so that they will hopefully be induced to click on the affiliate manager's featured link. On the other hand, there is a need not to confuse consumers or dilute the brand name.

    Affiliates of Brooks Brothers are permitted to use the brand name for the purpose of driving traffic to their site as long as they obtain written permission from the company, Rogers said.

    But has a different philosophy, said Prakash Bharwani, senior manager of interactive marketing: Its affiliates are not permitted to use the company's trademarks or product-specific keywords, such as "flower cake," to get visitors to their site.

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    flower cake
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    I think they would have a hard time enforcing that. Something like that tells me there is a vast, vast gap between the type of AM/program I want to work with and the quality of program they provide.

    Now, no arguments about using their trade name, that's pretty much understood. But heck, an AM that tries to enforce that will quickly find dozens of affiliates promoting that term for their competitor, lol.

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    flower cake - give me a break - if I am going to recommend a product to one of MY customers, then I need to be able to describe it and call it what it is. I need to be able to use it in the title, keywords, description, etc..

    Same goes for a Company Name - sometimes I might want to say company X has the best widgets.

    Now I can understand if they don't want people outbidding them on their Company name - but I think SEO is fair game.

    If they don't want me as a sales person, then why have a program in the first place?

    I challenge them to tell their sales force not to use descriptives on the sales floor. I can see it now - "yes Madame, that thing you have in your hand is lovely - who is it made by?, well I can't say. we're not allowed"

    yeah, right. It's the same thing - the internet is my sales floor. Let the affiliates sell.


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    The opinion or wants of a company like 1800flowers only matter so long as they have products being sold by affilaites. If they make it so you can't call a product what it is we won't be able to sell them. No problem because they will always have a more flexible competitor that will surely attend the next meeting with the highest of honors.

    Just like you said it's always evolving.

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    I posted earlier in accordance with Ebudae's post, but after research I see that 1800Flowers does own a typed drawing TM on Flower Cake ... with "NO CLAIM IS MADE TO THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO USE "FLOWER" APART FROM THE MARK AS SHOWN" so ...

    ETC, ETC, ETC, ETC are safe, as I see it (INAL).

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    I wonder how many of these merchants DO have clauses in their programs like this, but aren't up front about them?

    Are they going to do something after the fact, and not pay commission, because an affiliate didn't play by their rules?

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