Hi, not sure if this is possible, but thought I would check to see if anyone has ideas.

We own an affiliate website that markets software through Clickbank. As part of our promotions we have submitted the site with hundreds of software sites, and most of those sites not only link to our website, but also direct to the download file on our site.

The problem is, if someone visits our site and clicks to download the software, that's fine because the link on our site embeds our affiliate code into the download. But unfortunately for these hundreds of sites that also link direct to the download file (exe file), it does not include our affiliate code embedded in that link. So although all these software site links are helping our PR etc, we're missing out on commissions on some of the downloads.

What I'm wondering is whether it would be possible to "edit" the .exe file itself, so that it includes our affiliate code embedded in it, so that no matter where it is downloaded from it always has our code in it, and when the person then registers later on, our code is there.

Not sure if this kind of thing is possible, but we would be willing to pay someone to do it, as it will be very helpful for earning more commissions. Any ideas or referrals to programmers who could do it would be most helpful.