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    Any one have a clue what we need to be using for bait?

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    What exactly are you trying to catch?

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    I think she wants to catch a cat.

    Slurp/cat, that is, and his friend Slurp/si...

    (Inktomi spiders )

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    Hey Guys,



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    If a page can't generate enough revenue to cover the submittal cost, it's not worth taking the time to build it.

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    Best bait for free inclusion is getting links in from sites in the top spots you're trying to get in. Links in always helps.

    Best info i've found for optimizing for it:

    And if you go the paid for inclusion route go to They're the best. Also once you submit a url, you can always change it, you have a 48-72 hr refresh rate, you can also edit it/switch it to another url if the one you submitted isn't working out.

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