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    Hello abestweb affiliates,

    I would like to welcome everyone to the Affiliatewise forums here at abestweb. We have tons of great offers and exclusives. Please use this forum to ask questions, state any concerns or just to say hi.

    Stop by our site and check out our offers. We hope to work with you all and help you with your affiliate marketing needs.


    Aaron Harper

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    Hello, and welcome to ABestWeb.


    For an unknown number of times, and the second time this week, we have been introduced to a new network, that has approached the members of this forum looking for affiliates, while at the same time, failing to provide the single most important piece of information affiliates need in evaluating an affiliate network.

    Anytime I view a "new" network, or an old one I have not previously been familiar with, my first and foremost thought is "what merchants do they offer that I would have interest in?". And I then peruse their merchant list.

    A featured merchant block of six names may be a worthwhile feature, but there should be a complete merchant list accessible with a homepage link.

    If I cannot determine if there are merchants available that are worth considering, my first thought is that there are few merchants on the network, and likely no established merchants, and to spend any more time on the site would be a waste of time.

    Until you make it quick and easy to view all available merchants, I have no interest.
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