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    April 15th, 2007
    I just noticed one year old check from shareasale
    well i was into shareasale last year tried my best still couldn't earn so i changed my account payment to $50 so i could still get $50. but then i just kinda left thinking i couldn't succeed and few months back i check my shareasale a/c ... all my money was gone.. HUH... i thought and again left..

    So now i have few sites and i have learned much about affiliate marketing and i was back to sharesale and reviewed every things HUH.. I saw check was delivered on may last year.. OMG it was $50 ..where where... i have changed my address now..

    So my question is can i cancel that check and again add that amount to current balance..

    LOL this is my first post since i joined last year...anyway back to affiliate marketing.


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    ABW Ambassador ladidah's Avatar
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    October 14th, 2007
    I have misplaced checks before and found out in my control panel about it.

    Just call up SAS and they will reissue a new check, provided it wasn't cashed by someone else I guess. Did you provide a forwarding address to your new address?

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    April 15th, 2007
    oh thankx ladidah for immediate reply.. do i have to call or can send them mail about this issue.. and yea i'm back in town so using the same address now. i did check for the check in my post box.. there wasn't the check.. so i must say check hasn't been received..

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    Network Rep & ABW Ambassador Carolyn - ShareASale's Avatar
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    Well, it's good to have you back at affiliate marketing then! Best idea is to log into your account, click "Need Help" in the top right corner, then "Submit A Ticket."

    This way you can track the response. Hope that helps!
    ShareASale Client Services
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    thankx sure will submit a ticket.. thankx for the response.

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