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    Every email to Linkshare Merchants bounces!
    All of a sudden in the last few days, when I try to communicate with merchants, my emails bounce:

    host 550 Service unavailable; Client host blocked using 88.blacklist.zap; Mail From IP Banned To request removal from this list please forward this message to
    So, I forwarded all the messages to requesting removal, but they all bounced too!

    All I can think is that the idiots that I have no control over who swipe my domain name and use it as their return email address for sending out spam have gotten me blacklisted. But this is ridiculous. Every single email I've tried to send to my contacts at linkshare in the past two days have bounced. How can I conduct business if my means of communication have been cut-off by the people I'm trying to communicate with?

    Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

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    Have you run a trace on your own email address..? There may be a mismatch somewhere in your domain settings (the mail server & MX record need to match), I know spam filters are getting more sophisticated.

    You can test your domain here (this is just one of many that test doman addresses):

    Alternatively, your host may provide a similar utility in your domain control panel (CPanel - Mail - email Address Trace)

    I had a client who SWORE up & down the problem was on my side (I wasn't receiving their email).. I was able to isolate the problem on their side. DNS reverse lookup & HELO name didn't match, so my host spam filter wasn't letting it through.

    If you send a test email to your own hotmail/gmail/yahoo, you will be able to review the message header in its entirety.


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