to infringe on their trademark and pretend to be them on Twitter? I've seen this a lot and the accounts usually get suspended on twitter.

But I find it funny that my application was rejected by Wal-Mart and my website does not violate any of their TOS (except for maybe the fact that I have a blog, but I have other areas), when I see affiliates blatantly violating the intellectual property rights of Wal-Mart on twitter and Wal-Mart doesn't seem to care. I did a Live HTTP headers on one of these Twitter Wal-Mart links and it looks like this affiliate has several affiliate links indexed in Google. Not the Linkshare link, but the merchant's actual landing page with his/her linkshare affiliate id in the query string of the merchant's link (so a normal customer would probably never know the difference). And I checked and it does set a cookie. At least for TigerDirect it did - I didn't bother checking all the other links. So as long as you can create high sales volume, AMs don't care if affiliates violate the TOS?

Also, does anybody know what Wal-Mart or other merchants use to determine what is a high traffic site that has the potential for high sales volume? I really hope they're not using Alexa rankings. When I first started out I downloaded that spyware toolbar and visited my site every day and got my ranking from 2 or 3 mil to under a 1000 in only a month or 2. Then I realized what a ridiculous ranking system that was and quit using it.