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    Splitting the Value of a Page in the SERPs
    Before I started working where I work now, the SEO practitioners that were employed here got a lot of backlinks to our homepage. However, they were very different back links thematically, so our home page ranked for 3 of our product sets, and ranked WELL.

    However, it's impossible to write a good meta description to cover those 3 thematic ideas, and get click throughs, even if it is the first item on the SERP.

    So I'm trying to bleed some of that link juice to two subpages, where I can do a better job selling a click through with the meta description.

    Aside from the obvious of adding in nice links on the home page, any other suggestions on how to effectively do this without risking the ranking, since I can't do redirects to two different places?
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    Links on the homepage yes, but those same, or similar links on internal and sub-pages should also help with realigning the themes. Look at it as a holistic, "how does my site see itself organized?" rather than a straight "how do the SEs see the new pages?"
    Eathan Mertz

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