I really shouldn't be reading magazines like Lucky...if you haven't ever picked one up (boys), it's basically full of short, short articles and lots and lots of pictures of cute clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and all that girly stuff. Every time I turn the page there's something I want to buy. Which sucks, because everything I want to buy is invariably in the $500 range.

It's an issue.

And then...behold! I spy with my little eye, a ShareASale merchant! Nimli.com is featured in the April issue on page 183.

Nimli's a great site that not only has incredible indie designer items, but it's also got a for-real and not-to-be-trendy green slant. I worked a bit with these guys when they first joined the network, and they are definitely one of the ones to keep an eye on.

Congrats, guys!