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    Shoemoney sues Google employee
    Sounds like he caught them doing to him what he does to Google

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    Hmmm. Wonder why it never occurred to me that G Adwords employees can see that stuff. Especially since I talk to some (unrelated to aff marketing) every week or so.

    Interested to see how this plays out.
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    Shoemoney is an ass. Some of the allegations he has made in the past - including about some people who are ABW members - have been outrageous and completely unfounded.

    If he's right, then good luck to him. If he's wrong, then here's hoping Google wipes the floor with him.
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    If the allegations are proven to be true then Google needs to take a pretty strong stand against this type of practice. Who in their right mind would spend hundreds of hours developing campaigns when there are no barriers to Google employees just copying them and competing with the advertiser?

    Sort of reminds me of the infamous Performics Cowgirl incident.

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    This is certainly not a new idea.

    I've encountered many anecdotal claims by clients and others, asserting that their campaign data was misappropriated and exploited by a PPC company's staffers (these claims date back to the GoTo/Overture days, and extend to many different PPC search outlets, not just Google). Some folks have claimed to have "proof" but of course they've never shared it with me.

    I've never had any hard data in my possession, but it's really hard to imagine that every Googler could resist the temptation. Given my experience (primarily working with PPC and affiliate marketing), it's not surprising that all of these reports involve the use of PPC data by "affiliates" who might be the same person, or a friend or family member of the Google employee who is allegedly capturing the data.

    Imagine if a Googler could identify and then "siphon off" your most profitable keywords, poaching affiliate commissions, while you're struggling to compete against a ghost. This is one reason why I've really never liked the idea of using Google's conversion tracking, since that puts all your most valuable data into the hands of thousands of strangers. (Note that Google has much more valuable data than you do: they have your data plus your competitors' plus your affiliates' and your competitors' affiliates' data.)

    It's entirely reasonable to expect that if Google discovered one of its employees misappropriating client data, then Google would be in a very awkward position: it absolutely would not want to disclose the breach to the client(s) affected, and it also wouldn't want the employee to disclose to others how easy it was to steal the data. This makes me suspect that Google probably doesn't try very hard to discover these practices, and it's even reasonable to expect that employees caught stealing data might not be fired.

    Of course, it also makes sense that some people would not believe that others could independently come up with similar keyword lists, even when the lists are "somewhat obvious." (The key proof would be the theft of a nonsense keyword, but a clever thief would only poach keywords with a history of traffic and conversions, so "setting up" an account for a sting operation would be complex.)

    It's also completely reasonable to expect that Google employees would meet and hang out with and even fall in love with people who might be engaged in PPC activity. And it's reasonable to expect that a Google employee might be asked to help set up a web site for a friend or family member.

    I lost most of my trust for Google long ago -- they don't seem to care any more if people think they are doing evil things, nor if their employees are actually doing evil things.

    My conclusion: Certainly, there must be some Google employees who are misusing the data which Google's customers entrust to Google. Merchants and affiliates should seek out and use alternative methods to track and optimize PC performance. Of course, the third-party solution providers are likely to have their own similar problems, and an in-house solution is impossibly expensive to set up and administer for 90% of merchants and 99% of affiliates.
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    "Shoemoney is an ass."

    Moderators, are you really going to allow this?

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    I know the guy & he LUVS it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmacbc
    "Shoemoney is an ass."

    Moderators, are you really going to allow this?

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