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    Have you have a similar experience with Shareasale?
    Hello I am a newbie, so be gentle.
    I have Shareasale as one of my affiliates. I noticed I was having a decent amount of clicks but only 2 sales and one was credited, so only one sale. When I looked at the day stats I noticed that 2 websites were taking credit for the clicks. But they were not mine and when I looked at the websites url they did not even had a single shareasale link. When I send my concern to shareasale that someone was taking credit for my clicks I was told that probably it was the last website that person who click were on.
    But that website was getting the credit for that click. I was informed that as long that in the general statistic the clicks were credited to me then there was not a problem. That I was getting credit for the clicks and sales.
    Since I was still concern that the merchants that I was using may be giving credit to those other 2 websites I used the contact form to get in touch with I believe 3 of my largest click generators. As I used the contact form in the General stats by the name of the merchant I went ahead and cut and paste to word for spellcheck. I noticed something odd when my info to the merchant was pasted on my word document, a signature name appearded at the end. It was not there in my original contact form but was on my word document. After investigating I found out that he name was the name of the owner in record for the whois of the 2 websites that were taking credit for my clicks. Somehow if I would have send the message without signing the person receiving the message would have had this individual name at the end of the write up as if he send the message.
    I send Shareasale a cut and paste of the day stats with the 2 websites been credited for the clicks and also to the merchants that generated those clicks.
    As a request from one of the merchants I received a reply from Shareasale but was telling me that everything was fine on their end.
    But oddly enough shortly after that I was not able to login. I kept getting a message that I was entering an invalid login and the following message:
    NOTE: Some Ad-blocking and Popup Blocking software such as Norton, McAffe, ZoneAlarm, etc... can interfere with the login process. If you are having trouble logging in you may have success after you turn that software off or edit the settings to allow or "whitelist"

    Well I went back and forth with Shareasale to fix my login and it never worked. Followed all the instruction. Shareasale is in my whitelist and nothing. I can sign on other computers but my own I can not.
    I had Adword campains that were absolutly wasted. Could not update since is my computer that I use for updating my sites, so since I have not had access to the Sharesale site since February I was not able to update the links to new merchandise. I finally end up converting many of my sites into a coming soon page for now so I will have enough time to remove links without someone else taking credit for all my hard work.
    I wonder if anyone have had a similar situation.

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    Your post is hard to understand for several reasons.
    1-You don't use the right Affiliate Marketing terms :
    Shareasale is not one of your affiliates but one of your networks.
    A merchant don't generate clicks, a visitor (or user) does...

    2-It seems you were logged in somebody else account. It could happen but how did you get the Username and Password of an other affiliate?
    In your Shareasale account on top of every page you have:
    Affiliate Account manager "Your Name" "Your Web Site"
    "Your User ID" and Logoff
    Your Current Balance "Amount" Payment Type
    Is it your name and your account or not?

    3-You said "decent amount of clicks but only 2 sales and one was credited, so only one sale"
    Can you tell us if the sales were credited to your account or somebody else account?
    How many clicks is decent for you? 10, 100, 1000

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    Your story and "question" don't make sense. If another web site were "taking credit" for your click, you'd never see that event in your SAS reports or your log file. I wonder if you are seeing referring URLs in your SAS reports which reflect sites in the Google Content Network (where some of your AdWords ads will appear unless you exclude it).

    Another possibility: are you sharing your computer with someone else who is also a ShareASale affiliate?

    You are apparently engaging in some activities that you don't really understand. It can be very expensive to "learn by spending."

    Do more homework and research; spend a few dozen hours reading through relevant discussions on ABestWeb. Good luck (you're going to need it).

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    Zeus, Markiphone thank you for your repply. Point well taken regarding the semantics of network and affiliate. I am green in this arena. When I was able to login and when all of this was happening in the the first page that appear after the login, the list of my websites and my account number and current balance was there. So I was not login in to someone else account. Plus you use your email and password to login. The chance to login on someone else account are slim.
    Markiphone dear you are so right on your comment. Is one of those live and learn situations. Next time I should do my homework, research and be more selective.
    Thanks for your feedback.

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