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    Different pricing for affiliate traffic?
    A while back, there was a discussion here about whether some merchants charge higher prices to visitors who were referred from affiliate links. The general consensus was that yes, there are some merchants who charge higher prices to their affiliate-referred customers, as opposed to the prices they charge to the "general public". The general consensus also seemed to be that this is a bad practice that is unfair to affiliates and customers, and the practice could damage the merchant's goodwill as well.

    My question is: does anyone know which merchants actually do charge higher prices to affiliate referrals? This is a bad situation for any affiliate, especially those who may be running a reward-type program. I think it is fair for us affiliates to know what merchants are doing this.


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    The easiest way to tell is go look at a merchant site before signing up, then click an affiliate link and look again.
    Deborah Carney

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    Thanks Loxly, that makes sense.

    I already belong to quite a few programs and was not looking forward to doing all the manual comparisons myself - hoping some folks out there would already know of programs that practice this sort of "discriminatory pricing" against affiliates.

    But if I have to do some digging myself, that's just what I'll have to do.

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    Any merchant who operates a dual pricing policy whether large or small is a scum merchant. No ifs, no buts. A scum merchant.

    Rip off the customer because they don't want their margins touched.

    Rip off the affiliate by encouraging direct and not referred traffic.

    Damage the reputation of the affiliate when the customer complains (to the affiliate who referred) that they paid a higher price going through them.

    Dual pricing is BAD for this industry.
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    BAD BAD practice but I even notice it sometimes with Amazon merchants (which is against Amazon policy). Also have noticed that some merchants set up different sites with different pricing.

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    It's not that easy to tell what merchants have different prices - I've seen things change for some advertisers, where affiliate was more expensive one week, then less expensive the next. It can all depend on what exactly is being sold, and what sort of promotions a website runs in each channel (and how you entered the merchant's site, and whether you've been there before, too).

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