The Merchant - Board of Directors position is available. I've already had several inquiries so I want to post some information explaining what it is.

There is currently a Merchant - Board of Directors position open. Essentially, this position involves helping me to ensure that our mission and our goals are achieved and, being the "merchant presence" on the Board, ensuring that the interests of merchants (and other members) are addressed.

It involves some time commitment. I may need to consult with Board members on individual or group basis as the organization works on issues and addresses other concerns. This position also includes being available for other merchants (members) should they wish to make contact with questions or concerns. There are conference call meetings and individual phone calls as needed (in addition to email).

Board members must believe in the mission of Affiliate Voice and be committed to working on issues in a productive manner. Board positions are generally held for a year.

If you are interested in applying you can send me a brief bio, include the reason you feel qualified. You must currently be a merchant to apply for the merchant position.

You can email it to me at Melanie AT

We will review the applications and conduct phone interviews before making final decision.