Just wrote a blog article for new merchants on AvantLink. Quote from a segment of the article below. A little long, but informative stuff for new and/or prospective merchants. If you get to reading it let me know what you think...
How to approach your first 100 days of Affiliate marketing on AvantLink.
  • Be sure there are a few good promotions for Affiliates to feature as soon as you go live. You could also consider some kind of activation bonus to create a buzz around the launch of your program.
  • Follow-up on launch announcements by engaging readers on those articles with comments and/or participation in the discussions.
  • Maintain your own branded communication channels for Affiliates. Be creative with the news on your own blog, Twitter account, press releases, etc.
  • Communicate often with your active Affiliates using the AvantLink email tool. Embed ad creative directly in the emails you send out.
  • Consider fun and informative quarterly newsletters for Affiliates that will keep them informed of promotions, seasonal best sellers, and new product additions.
  • Make sure to view your active Affiliate list often to see who is sending recent traffic, and who isnít. This is the best place to start when working to optimize your program.
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