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    I have a client who has some affiliates that want us to generate self replicating pages or I guess as Andy and others call it a FULL page creative.

    The clients concern is being accused of SE SPAM. How do your merchants get around this. I know many offer a self-replicating page or full page ad, but if 50 affs all have the same thing what prevents it from appearing to the SE like it is just a bunch of mirror sites the merchant owns, which would get them penalized?

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    On a couple of my site I use some full page ads almost exclusively.
    Some generate traffic without much work
    I end up adding text or some sort of sales pitch on the page if the merchant doesn't really use SE friendly pages, such as the whole page comes up as a jpeg or gif.


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    Nothing prevents it appearing to the SE like it's just a bunch of mirror pages. If it's a whole site that is just duplicated, no one will get penalized - the duplicates will just get dropped from the index. Mirror sites generally don't get you penalized. However, personally, I wouldn't rely on Google's ability to tell which is the original page and which are the duplicates.

    If it's a single page, then the same applies, but smart affiliates will always add or change a little text to suit their particular needs.

    Only two things to be a little careful about - one is Google figuring out which is the original page and the other is Inktomi doing the same thing. Inktomi will make a mess of it, for sure. This is the kind of thing they always f*** up.

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    I hope you hear from some merchants about their experience. It's something that I thought about but since FPC's are usually too big to integrate in to my site, I usually just extract some of the specials and fit it into my format.

    Can't be too careful as Google evolves their algorythm.


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