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    Arrow Plotting A Critical Path To Affiliate Marketing Success
    “The path of the righteous is beset, on both sides, by the tyranny of evil men.

    Although I am by no means religious, I tend to agree with that quote. I am sure that many of the tried, tested, proven and highly successful affiliate marketing experts in this community would probably agree too. In which case, that Samuel L. Jackson character in Pulp Fiction probably knew a thing or two other than just how to squeeze the trigger with unflinching accuracy.

    You know what I mean; you’ve had to negotiate numerous and varied obstacles, most of which were placed in your path by the deliberate design of others, for their own gain.

    I, for one, am a totally clueless newbie – as I indicated in my Introduce Yourself. On that day, my path was beset by pure lack of knowledge. Today, the dangers are apprehension, uncertainty, hesitation, doubt and, oh yes, a certain amount of information overload.

    I woke up this morning with a definite sense of dogged determination. I will not allow my petty fears to lay to waste this incredible collection of wisdom here at ABestWeb. I will plot my way through diligently and in the process identify a critical path to my own Affiliate Marketing Success.

    To be honest, I have already learnt a great deal more than what I knew when I joined, and the key steps along that path are beginning to emerge.

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    Deborah Carney

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    That's just fantastic, Loxly. No... Actually, it's beautiful. I should make a mental note to have that as the wallpaper of my mind!

    A great many thanks, Loxly.

    Now, in taking the first tentative steps along my newfound path, I have so far gathered the following:

    STEP 1: Enrol at Forum.ABestWeb University – no previous qualifications necessary.

    STEP 2: Attend Affiliate Marketing 101: The Magic Bullet.

    STEP 3: Enlist with AM102 – i.e. Search Forum.ABestWeb, read Forum.ABestWeb and then search and read Forum.ABestWeb some more. And then some more.

    STEP 4: Identify an area, or areas, of keen personal interest that could form the basis of a niche or niches (the more the better?).

    STEP 5: Pick one area of interest and do some research (e.g. keyword research) to find out the nature of current content on the Internet around that subject.

    STEP 6: Find out, by way of further research, and by asking questions of the community at Forum.ABestWeb, whether there are any reputable, profitable affiliate programs in a niche area around the chosen subject.

    STEP 7: Build a suitable website full of original, rich, eye-catching content around the niche area.

    STEP 8: Somehow or other, connect step 6 and 7.

    Of course I am gonna stand to be corrected on many points as I go along. I almost certainly have to add some more steps, or delete others.

    My intention is simple; as I go along and apply all these steps, asking relevant questions where appropriate, I will tell you all about my progress every step of the way.

    Until such a time comes that the critical path to success is behind me.

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