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    Cool Overstock @ LS
    Wondering if any one else has a similar experience...with Overstock...

    Overall the most click-thru's I get are going to Overstock, yet none of them seem to convert...

    Many of the clicks are to specific item types .. which could only appear to be someone is looking to buy x item...


    If you look at the links that are provided... they aren't standard LS links -

    Why is Overstock's link different from every other company?

    Would this be a reason for getting more click-thrus but not converting / maybe its tracking webbots / spiders ?


    this will change soon... and I'll be super doper crazy omg boo na na na pissed if I get start converting with overstock on the new network ...
    OpA! Giasou Ti kanies!

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    I have a large number of clicks on Overstock links too, but they are one of the few merchants that seem to convert. I had a few conversions last month. I'd like to see more in proportion with clicks, but most of my other merchants never report any of my sales even when I do test purchases.

    They changed their links a year or so ago I think. Seems like they did it for SEO purposes, but it also helps people trust the affiliate links more (for those that don't cloak their links)

    They recently changed their offer terms and I've been trying to figure out what they changed. Seems like they changed commissions on media from 3% to 1%. If and/or when they go to CJ I don't think I'll ever see a conversion again.

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