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    MSN Human Review Service?
    Just going through some logs and found an interesting link:
    http: //

    Did a google search of the only identifiable information, it appears the consensus of opinions is that MSN is and has been doing human reviews of sites included in the engine.

    I knew the big G had been doing it for sometime, and I guess it makes sense that the other top tier engines would also do something to verify their algo, just never run across this before.

    Don't know if it's a good thing that the site was ranking highly enough to get their attention or a bad thing that they wanted to verify it. Anyone else ever notice any visits from the service and what happened after the visit? Higher ranking due to confidence the site was legit or no change as they felt the algo was working ok?
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    I haven't noticed anything on my sites from MSN, but human review should be included in the strategies of the search engines.

    I still get waaaaaay too many stupid search results while searching.
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