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    Shopping Cart and WebMerge
    I'll be using WebMerge for an ecommerce site. Which shopping carts are compatable?

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    As far as I know pretty much anything as you can have Webmerge spit out pages with really anything you want on them. You just need to create a link that works to get people to the shopping cart or allows them to add an item to it.

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    Your shopping cart should create pages the same way that WebMerge would. I don't know that any cart is "compatible".
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    We have a few customers who use WebMerge with a shopping cart, taking advantage of WebMerge to lay out their category and product details pages from the inventory DB while using the shopping cart to handle the purchase.

    If your data file contains URLs into the shopping cart you can include those as you would any other link in WebMerge. It's pretty agnostic about which links it's asked to include, so depending on how you plan to integrate it WebMerge should work with just about any shopping cart.
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